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Pockie Pirate Crew Recruitment

Pockie Pirate Crew Members

Your crew, your team is what makes you win and destroy other pirates. The heart and soul of the game is based on your crew. In the beginning you will start off with one crew member, yourself. Once your reach level 8-10, I say this because depending on your questing you will then recruit a pirate called ‘Renee’. She is a swordsman and will be your tank until you recruit a stronger pirate to replace her.

Your ship can only hold 5 pirates at a time. The game allows you to have 9 pirates on standby at any time. Below is  a break down on when you are able to recruit and hold more crew members:

Level – Slot Positions
10 – 1/2
15 – 1/3
20 – 1/4
30 – 1/5
40 – 1/6
50 – 1/7
60 – 1/8
70 – 1/9

You recruit new pirates a bar. You would think that this would be a building of some sort but no, the ‘bar’ is a title that will be hovering over a NPC within each town map. Once selecting the NPC with a bar title, you then chose the “recruitment” option. Sometimes the bar users have quests as well. This will bring you to the bar window. You can review which pirates are in each bar on our site using the left hand navigation menu.

Depending on your level, you unlock other bars which have stronger pirates. You can browse threw the bars if you have a highlighted arrow on either side of the pirate cards. Near the bottom of the pirate bar window is three call types:

Type     Cost
Convene.png     Consume 30,000 Silver or 1 Low Call-up
Advanced Convene.png     Consume 50 gold or 1 Advanced Call-up
Super Convene.png     Consume 500 gold or 1 Super Call-up


The first option titled ‘Convene’ is also known as a ‘Basic Call-Up’. You can get a basic call-up card from undersea treasure hunting. When clicking this option, you will spend 30k in silver and have a 95% chance of getting Rank-B pirates. If you are lucky (like in my video below), you have a 5% chance of getting a A-SS rank pirate.

The second option titled ‘Advanced Convene’ gives you a 85% chance for Rank-B pirates and a 15% chance for A-SS ranked pirates. Usually the more A-SS pirates which have not been recruited, the more chance you have at getting one. So if you use your free call up for the day and see a crappy A ranked pirate (Buchi), do not waste gold trying to recruit him. This gives you more odds of possibly getting Buggy or Sura, etc. The advanced call-up costs 50gold per try. DO NOT waste gold on this. You are better off saving your gold till level 70 or 80 and blowing it on a Super call up.

The third option is ‘Super Advanced Convene’ which gives you a 60% chance in A rank, 35% chance S-SS rank and 5% chance for Rank-B pirates. If you only have 1 S or SS rank pirate left to recruit and you select this option. There is a chance that all Rank-B pirates will appear. I know this because it has happened to me! This option costs 500gold per chance. You can get a S-Card from spending $5 on gold beans. If you do this, please save the card till you are 80. YOU WILL GET A or S characters using the free advanced call but trust me, you would rather have Ace, Boa or Mihawk at 80 because they literally rape pwn any other pirate.

Below is a video tutorial I made on this system:  

The Daily Bounty – Episode 09 – How to Recruit Pirates

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