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All Blue Bar (lvl 87)

The All Blue bar is unlocked at level 87. It appears on your top toolbar in the upper left. This bar is unique because it contains crew members that almost guarantee you to replace a member, and you will never have to complain about bad luck.

You will notice in the center there is a 6-sided die, a sequential island map, and the “Fame recruit” button. These all work together to sort of play a board game.

The Dice:

Rolling the die is considered to be 1 Adventure.
Each Adventure sails you forward as many islands as you rolled. When you run out of adventures, you can click “Add” to pay more.

Everyone starts with 10 adventures at the beginning of the day.
Add #1 is 100G, and gives you 10 adventures.
Add #2 is 200G, and gives you 10 adventures.
Add #3 is 300G, and gives you 10 adventures. (this pattern repeats 4+)

The Islands:

Each island you land on gives you a set amount of Fame between 3 and 15, the numbers and symbols on the island have something to do with how much fame you get. The Rock island and Wind island give you no fame, but an additional roll.

Every time you pass “Start” you will receive 20 fame, whether you pass it or land on it.

Additional Fame Options:

Every time you land on an island you have a chance to “celebrate a battle” (1 million silver for 3 fame), or “meet Dark King Rayleigh” (20 gold for 8 fame) – all these mean is that you can purchase more fame.

S Rank:

CharacterProfessionStrengthIntelligencePhysicalAgilitySpecial AttackSkill Overview
BurgessSwordsman950180520350Champion FistDeals 300% physical damage to a single enemy, stun for 2 turns. If the target is already stunned, the damage becomes 800%.
Doc QDoctor300900240560Death AppleDeals 2x Doc Q's max HP to target, or has a chance to heal enemy for the same amount. Chance to damage increased with intelligence.
LafitteNavigator190960320530FuneralInflict 300% magic damage to a single enemy. Recover 100 fury if hit the target. Intelligence increases the damage %. Can critical hit.
PeronaNavigator140930340590Ghost NetworkDeals 150% magical damage to a row of targets. Target hit% reduced by 50% and unable to gain fury for 2 turns. (Even effects that give fury to crew)
Van AugurSniper640260320780Sonic ShootingDeals damage to single target, default 20% of their max HP. Percent increases with his agility stat.

SS Rank:

CharacterProfessionStrengthIntelligencePhysicalAgilitySpecial AttackSkill Overview
ChopperDoctor220730660590Dancing BlossomRestores 100 fury to a random crew member. Adds a HP restoration buff to party for 2 turns.
DoflamingoSniper750220390840Thread PuppetDeals 500% physical damage to a single enemy. Damage is increased by (str+agi / 10).
FrankySniper780200420800Destruction CannonDeals 200% physical damage to entire enemy crew. Reduces 25 fury from each enemy as well.
JinbeSwordsman830250580540Shark FistInflicts 300% physical damage plus the target's fury x 200 to the highest fury target. Target's fury is reset to 0.
KumaSwordsman950170570509Ursus ShockDeals 100% to 300% physical damage to enemy crew. All enemies buffs are wiped.
LawDoctor260770509660Operating RoomDeals 300% magical damage to lowest magical defense enemy. Damage done heals your entire party.
RobinNavigator2101019390580Dazzle FlowersRestores fury to the party. Additional fury is granted (Robin's level /10) + (Int / 50)
Maxes out at +50 fury.

Additional Notes:

All the All Blue characters have amazing growth for develops, as well as extremely high stats. The only reason you wouldn’t use these characters right away is if your running a combo and you really got an odd crew member that doesn’t fit in.

You may have noticed some enemies in dungeons and elite battles using All Blue character skills. They are very poorly represented as the crew members using them are slow and have no real damage boosts.

Some strategies for getting All Blue characters faster:

3600G – 6-day plan: 600G/day + fame costs (and buying fame for gold constantly!! Only do this if you have a TON of money!!)
2400G – 8-day plan: 300G/day (works the best if you need a character fast)
1400G – 14-day plan: 100G/day (Probably the safest and most used tactic as you shouldn’t have to buy any Fame after the rolls)
Free plan (27 days): At 10 rolls a day, no additional purchase of fame, you are going to get about 95 fame a day.

At 2400 fame, you click Fame recruit and it will appear to spin the cards and randomly stop on one. You do not appear to have any influence over which character is picked.

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